Create Your Very Own Writing Contest with HackerNoon! by@sponsor

Create Your Very Own Writing Contest with HackerNoon!

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Ready to elevate your brand by sponsoring Hacker Noon?

What are your new year resolutions for 2022? Let me guess: you'd like to grow your business further and increase revenue, am I right?

Not to beat a dead horse, but, your business growth is directly proportional to your internet reputation! In other words, you need people talking about you, organically.

Skip the Influencers. Start a Writing Contest

Most of you know too well the struggle of paying other companies or influencers to talk about you favorably. It works sometimes, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

As a publication, HackerNoon has a community of eager contributors (20k+ and counting), strict standards (50%+ rejection rate), and high domain authority (especially re/ blockchain, programming, or tech). However, sometimes, contributors lack direction or "carrots" to write. This is where Writing Contests come in.

By sponsoring your own writing contest and making the HackerNoon community compete with each other atop your brand name, you get the organic, thought-provoking content that readers have come to expect from HackerNoon, while also promoting your own company and product!

Writers are encouraged to write well about your industry because there are prizes to be won based on the quality of the stories! These entries, like all stories published on HackerNoon, need to pass our stringent editorial standard.

In fact, some of our best stories this year come from writing competitions - generating hundreds of millions of views, such as:


How Will Writing Contest Work For You?

We have some examples too - the Decentralized Internet Writing Contest (sponsored by FreeTon/Everscale) and the Gaming Metaverse Writing Contest (sponsored by the Sandbox) helped us nail down the specifics to a science!

All you need to do is to:

1. Choose a keyword to rank for,

2. Decide on the prizes for the winners,

3. Wait for the awesome stories to come (they will) and

4. Let HackerNoon's distribution engine do all the work, without lifting a finger!

Get mentioned in the stories

You get your brand mentioned in every story that's published under the competition. To date, each competition averages 300+ entries!


Continuous growth

HackerNoon's highest source of traffic is organic search. While the contest will bring you views and mentions, that count will continue to rise even after the contest is over!


Priceless social proof

Get 100s of tweets and retweets with your brand name! Check out #DecenetralizedInternet and #GamingMetaverse on Twitter for yourself!

Niche marketing

Which audience do you want to target? Choose our popular tagged pages like #programming, #blockchain, #security, #business, and target your niche! You can check all the tags here.


See our tagged pages #gaming-metaverse and #decentralized internet to check out all awesome entries!

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