Python for Beginners, Part 14: E-1 Circle of Squares by@cleverprogrammer

Python for Beginners, Part 14: E-1 Circle of Squares

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Your job is to write a function that makes a circle of squares. I will elaborate in the video on what exactly I want you to do and then you gotta go and do it! Good luck and post your solutions in the comments below.

In case you missed it, here are the previous parts of the series


0:00 hey guys what's up this is Kazi so in

0:02 this video I want to talk about a

0:04 project alright so we learned a little

0:07 bit about loops and how we can do some

0:10 cool loops and make squares we learn

0:12 about functions and how you can give

0:14 multiple arguments to functions we did

0:17 all of this while visualizing the code

0:19 that's why we use the turtle Python

0:21 module so you can learn visually no

0:24 matter how old you are no matter how

0:25 young you are visual learning is one of

0:28 the best ways to learn and to visualize

0:30 your code it's amazing because you get

0:33 it right away

0:34 now I wanna take this time and now allow

0:39 you guys to do an actual project so up

0:42 to this point we did a lot of fun stuff

0:44 and I gave you some basic exercises like

0:46 make a square now I'm going to give you

0:48 a little bit of a project it might take

0:50 you long it might not take you that long

0:52 it's not that much code at all it's you

0:56 just have to put a lot of these ideas

0:58 together here's the project I want you

1:00 to make a circle out of squares what do

1:04 I mean it just to be clear about what

1:06 you need to do in the project and how it

1:07 should look like I've designed this demo

1:09 for you guys so check it out make a

1:16 square turn a little bit make a square

1:18 turn a little bit make a squared turn a

1:20 little bit make a square turn a little

1:22 bit okay you get the idea you keep going

1:25 like this and eventually you get a

1:27 circle and if you notice and if you look

1:29 really into it you can probably keep

1:31 looking at this forever it's fascinating

1:34 so I love this thing I can myself look

1:39 at it forever

1:40 umm yeah

1:47 pretty enjoyable okay so I'm gonna stop

1:51 it right here you guys not have fun with

1:53 it try to make something like this okay

1:55 it's not too complicated it's really

1:56 simple make a square current make a

1:58 square current it just helps you put all

2:00 the programming concepts we've learned

2:02 so far

2:03 variables using the turtle module the

2:07 looping structures and arguments in

2:10 functions and the range thing that we

2:13 looked at in the loop so good luck and I

2:16 think you can do it all right I will see

2:18 you in the next video where I'll provide

2:20 you with the solution


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