Python for Beginners, Part 15: Solution Circle of Squares (Exercise) by@cleverprogrammer

Python for Beginners, Part 15: Solution Circle of Squares (Exercise)

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Let's go over the solution of how to create a circle out of squares.

In case you missed it, here are the previous parts of the series:


0:00 okay in the last video I proposed a

0:01 challenge to you make a square out make

0:03 a circle out of squares so hopefully you

0:06 give it a try

0:07 hopefully you've put it in the comments

0:10 below, okay so if you're watching this

0:11 video right now whatever you got I don't

0:13 care if it's crap I don't care what

0:15 it is I want you to put it in the

0:17 comments below

0:18 okay so whether you go

0:23 to my website at clever programmer comm

0:27 and put it in learn Python for beginners

0:31 we have a comment section so for example

0:33 you can go into one of these videos I'm

0:37 gonna have this video up there as well

0:39 when you guys come to watch I want you

0:41 to put your code in the comments below I

0:42 will look at it personally and one of

0:45 our members will also look at it okay

0:47 so right over here or you can just put

0:50 it on the YouTube channel that's totally

0:52 fine as well

0:53 alright so let's get to it first of all

0:57 what I want to do is I have the square

1:00 function which is really cool but it's

1:03 really repetitive right it does um

1:07 I mean if you can see all all a square

1:09 is is you move forward and you turn

1:12 right and you repeat that four times

1:13 right so why do we have it here like

1:16 this this is really bad um there's a lot

1:21 of redundancy in our logic right um like

1:26 if you were telling your sister your

1:29 brother your dad your friend whoever D

1:31 steps you would be like move forward

1:32 turn right and then do that four times

1:34 that's how you would tell it to them

1:36 okay

1:36 you wouldn't say move forward turn right

1:38 move forward turn right ah move forward

1:43 and then turn right and oh yeah move

1:46 forward and turn right right so you

1:47 wouldn't do that so if we look at this

1:49 actually we're doing the step once here

1:52 then we're doing the same step twice

1:55 here then we're doing the same step

1:58 three times here and we're doing the

2:01 same step four times here what does that

2:05 mean when we're doing something over and

2:07 over again well it sounds like a loop so

2:11 I want this thing to happen for

2:13 how do I sit do something in four times

2:16 in Python I just say for something in

2:18 range so I'll say for I in range for

2:20 that's it this will do that thing four

2:24 times and I'll simply go here and remove

2:27 that code

2:28 okay so already our code looks much

2:33 nicer and that's a way better way of

2:36 making a square okay so notice it still

2:41 takes length and angle so if we're

2:44 making a function we need to pass those

2:45 variables length and angle right so then

2:48 length here and angle here can become

2:50 those so we want like let's say length

2:52 to be 100 and our angle to be 90 degrees

2:55 so square makes a square let's verify

2:59 our hypothesis here and remember this

3:02 function all functions you got to put

3:05 open closed parenthesis after them and

3:07 you got to pass in an argument for this

3:10 function here so we're gonna say 100 for

3:12 the length and I'm gonna say 90 for the

3:14 angle okay I can also say it like this

3:17 just so the code is you know more clear

3:20 what it's doing okay I can say it like

3:25 that but let's keep it keep it short and

3:27 sweet here let's run it and that should

3:31 make a square right it made a square

3:33 great mmm

3:35 now what we're going to do is well we

3:38 want to keep making squares right so we

3:41 know we're going to put it in some kind

3:42 of loop let's say we want to do it 100

3:45 times okay

3:49 alright so I'm gonna put it in the loop

3:51 because I want to make a lot of squares

3:54 and each time I make a square I want to

3:57 turn so let me first get out of this

3:59 loop and let me do this let me say my

4:03 turtle dot right ninety degrees okay and

4:08 let me do this now and you'll see that

4:12 as soon as I make that I turn a turn a

4:14 little bit actually not ninety degrees

4:16 let's turn I don't know ten degrees 90

4:21 degrees is silly so I make a square and

4:23 then I turn just like that I'm ready to

4:25 make another square so let's do that

4:27 let's make another square right here I

4:32 make a square I turn a little bit I make

4:34 another square okay you get the idea now

4:37 we need this process to repeat a lot of

4:39 times so we need to make a square and we

4:41 need to turn right right so it's really

4:42 this step and we want to do it again and

4:46 again and again and again so sounds like

4:48 we need to put it in a loop let me

4:50 uncomment that line hit tab to indent it

4:54 under the for loop so it knows it's a

4:56 part of a for loop this variable here

4:59 does not need to be called I by

5:00 convention in the world of Python we

5:03 usually call it I you call it bananas

5:06 you can call it that you can call it an

5:07 underscore you can call it whatever you

5:09 want okay just a little bit about

5:12 variables variables can't start with the

5:14 number like five or something okay

5:17 so perfect this looks pretty good let's

5:21 give it a try okay I make a square I

5:26 turn a little bit I make another square

5:28 I turn a little bit I make another

5:29 square I turn a little bit beautiful

5:31 that's looking really good let me close

5:34 this let me make the speed really fast

5:36 so let me make this seis turtle that's

5:39 speed zero and that makes it run really

5:41 really fast so it's going and going and

5:46 going and going and going and going and

5:49 going

5:49 but now notice the problem it's not

5:54 drawing anything new but it's moving hmm

5:59 so it's moving a lot but it's not make

6:02 anything new where does it stop making

6:05 new things let's check it out let's say

6:08 we want to do this how many times let's

6:10 say we want to do this 30 or let's say

6:15 we want to do this loop 40 times let's

6:18 take let's check it out so let's see

6:20 where it stops making it new so the last

6:25 four times it ran you guys probably

6:27 didn't catch it but the last four times

6:29 that ran it actually didn't make

6:30 anything new so the 37th time it ran

6:32 didn't make anything new 38 times 39th

6:34 time and 40th time so what the heck

6:37 happened well here's what happened three

6:41 hundred and sixty degrees right those

6:44 that's the number of degrees in a circle

6:46 so a circle has 360 degrees now we want

6:52 to make this circle like really nice and

6:56 dense we don't want it to be how it was

6:59 it our circle look pretty empty and the

7:03 reason is okay so the circle has 360

7:05 degrees now if we're turning ten degrees

7:09 every single time right what's 360

7:13 divided by ten that's how many times we

7:16 can go in a direction if we turn right

7:19 only ten degrees is 360 divisible by 10

7:23 and the answer is yes and the answer is

7:26 actually 36 right 360 divided by 10

7:32 obviously you don't have to be a math

7:33 genius and all that but you get back 36

7:36 which means 10 perfectly goes into 360

7:39 and isn't that awesome

7:42 that that's the number of times you can

7:45 actually make unique squares if you do

7:47 if you choose 10 degrees

7:48 it's beautiful seeing divisibility in

7:51 visualizations so even math starts to

7:53 become beautiful when you put it in

7:55 terms of computer programming you guys

7:57 this was one of my most favorite

7:59 discoveries and I still get excited when

8:01 I think about this I think that's pretty

8:03 freaking awesome what can we do well

8:07 pick a number that is not divisible

8:10 right that 360 is not divisible by so

8:14 how about

8:15 great number I don't know like a prime

8:19 number and what's a prime number that's

8:21 really close to ten eleven so let's pick

8:24 eleven right because 360 divided by

8:28 eleven gives you something that's not

8:31 divisible right like three hundred six

8:33 is not divisible by 11

8:34 eleven is a prime number so let's run

8:37 this bad boy and check it out and let's

8:39 run it a hundred times right not forty

8:41 hundred times and let's check it out

8:47 starting eleven degrees every time it

8:49 makes a square you'll notice that it

8:51 almost never repeats itself and they'll

8:54 probably never repeat itself and it just

8:56 keeps making a circle darker and darker

8:58 and darker and denser and that's how you

9:01 want it right look at how beautiful that

9:04 looks

9:05 dark in the middle and starts to get

9:08 lighter on the outer edges and those

9:10 webs are interweaving and it's gorgeous

9:13 right bonus bonus project I can give you

9:17 guys for this is bring some colors out

9:20 make some cool designs go look up

9:22 trinket dot IO go to that website check

9:26 it out um look at some examples paste

9:29 your code below you can help out other

9:32 people I can help you out if I look at

9:36 your code you have some errors or it

9:39 looks really cool and maybe I can help

9:41 you make it look even better or maybe

9:43 you'll just make something that will

9:44 blow my mind because I haven't made such

9:46 beautiful circles out of squares anyways

9:50 I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope it

9:52 makes sense please like the video

9:54 subscribe I'll see you in the next

9:56 lesson


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