Thrilled to be Recognized as #1 Startup in Budapest by@sgabriella

Thrilled to be Recognized as #1 Startup in Budapest


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Hey Hackers! I’m Zoltan Csikos and I’m the co-founder & CIO @ Neticle.

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the HackerNoon community for recognizing us as the winner of:

#1 Startup in Budapest

HackerNoon Reporter: What does it mean for you to win this title?

HackerNoon’s values resonate with those of Neticle.

Like the founders of HackerNoon, we also think that the internet can and should be a better, safer place for everyone.

However, in order for that to happen, we need to put an end to discrimination and we need to be as transparent as possible.

We’re really proud that we can be in a group of like-minded technologists and be acknowledged by them, too.

How do you or your company intend to embrace the responsibility of this title in 2022?

HackerNoon has more than 3 million monthly readers, so we know this title is not to be taken lightly.

We intend to set a good example for companies with diverse hires, supporting the work-life balance of our employees, and being a reliable source of insights and knowledge in the text analytics industry.

We want those 3 million people to know that even a small startup can make a difference in the world!

What are some of the goals you’re looking forward to accomplishing in 2022 (whether it be through company initiatives or your personal journey)?

One of the biggest goals we’re looking forward to is achieving complete European coverage in terms of languages capabilities and monitoring the web.

This will provide outstanding opportunities for companies in regions where no other tool had previously been implemented which was able to understand and analyze language.

We want our products to be even more customizable, and provide even more accurate text analysis. We plan to improve UX/UI and include more integration channels that are easily accessible. Finally, breaking down data silos and supporting smart data management are also in our focus.

As you look at the variety of concerning trends in the world around you, what solutions can you think of? Name three trends and three solutions. Be as brief or as detailed as you like.

1.’Fast Fashion’ - Brands like Shein or Fashion Nova are pumping out clothes in much faster production cycles and with even faster trend churn than “simple” fast fashion companies, so that items quickly end up in landfills.

With news about unwanted clothes piling up in the Atacama desert, and even the deepest parts of the ocean being polluted with microscopic plastic particles, it is super important to bring awareness around these harmful methods and promote more sustainable alternatives.

2. Using technology to spread misinformation - Since Russia has started its war against Ukraine, the spread of misinformation has been seemingly even more prevalent than before, and more people are aware of it. However, to extinguish the problem at its root, being critical about one’s news sources and how to check the validity of them should be made part of standard education.

3. Depletion of soil - Our agricultural methods have been so exploitative, that if we continue in this way, we won’t be able to harvest anything 60 years from now. The lack of food will be so devastating that the extent of consequences is hard to fathom. The solution is complex and largely depends on decision makers, but even we as individuals can do our parts by composting our household waste and urging our representatives to include saving soil in their agendas.

After participating in this journey, is there anything that you would like the HackerNoon team to know?

Thank you for organizing this vote and giving a platform to companies all across the world.

As our lives have become exponentially digital over the past two years, it’s great to know of attention-worthy startups elsewhere, as potential workplaces or collaboration partners.

What is something special about you or your company that you’ve rarely had the chance to properly share but really wanted to? (Give this one a proper think, I’ll know if you didn’t!)

Neticle is a place where the company values - equal rights, transparency, and flexibility - are not just abstract things, but are very much represented by each individual who works with us.

When I talk to anyone in the company and some social issue comes up in the conversation, I am pleasantly surprised by just how much everyone understands and centers them in the way they think about the world. It is great to see how Neticle attracts this kind of mentality.

What song or music album are you currently enjoying?

I’m mostly listening to my Discover Weekly on Spotify but lately I’ve started to experiment with Youtube Music’s suggestions too. I really like how the two services offer me different types of music and help me find new hidden gems that I can enjoy.

They create a nice background for the daily tasks that need to be done. But if I had to name someone I’d probably say my favorite currently is Susanne Sundfør.

Her voice and music always puts me in a good mood and helps me relax and get over the daily stress.

What are some concepts you wish people knew more about?

There is no particular concept I could write here that I think people don’t know about. There are a lot more great, well-known concepts that I feel people care a lot less about than they should.

A few examples that come to mind immediately are:

  • Lifelong learning, so we can become more every day.
  • Being open-minded and willing to adapt, so we can enjoy new things in life and can adapt. to every situation.
  • To live in the moment.
  • To be able to accept and embrace yourself, and so on.

These are not new concepts but can make your life a lot more enjoyable and pleasant, yet many seem to have not recognized this yet and many never will. I wish people knew more about this.

Is there anything else you’d like me to know? It can be anything.

If I can mention one more thing, I’d like it to be related to our own field: Automatic Text Analysis.

My colleagues and I often mention how we don’t want artificial intelligence to replace human intelligence - we want it to be a great tool that can enhance the decisions made by humans.

So we wish for it to fulfill this role, and keep the balance: people should not be afraid of it at all, but they should also treat it as a means for work that suits them best, such as repetitive tasks, or tasks that require the analysis of big data. This, combined with smart humans who understand their industry well will yield great results.

Thank you for everything that you do! – HackerNoon Team.

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